General questions

Found a product you want but you are having trouble buying it? Making a purchase is easy. here’s how to buy on HerbiPharm

Drugs listed on our site with their prices come directly from manufacturers in their packages/containers.

You will have to contact us if you need refilling of your medication.

We manage your refills and send them over to you in a timely manner, so you don’t have to keep track of the dates – we’ll do that for you. Moreover we do not need to coordinate with your doctor

We accept several methods of payment. Bitcoin, Credit/Derbit Card, Zelle, Western Union, Moner Gram. All these methods make the payment process seamless.

We do not accept insurance financing. Contact us if you’d like to know more. 

To pay with Bitcoin, you’d have to buy Bitcoin with your credit/Debit card here. Once you are on Coinmama, sign up and verify your account. Next contact us via Live chat/Whatsapp and we will help you complete the process. If you already have Bitcoins then simply choose the Bitcoin option during checkout. If you need help, Contact us via Live Chat/Whatsapp

You might not have heard of Zelle but it is one of the fastest means of payment in the Us. Not only is it quick but its quite reliable and makes payment processes hassle free. Think of it as a PayPal alternative.

If this is your first time using Zelle, then download the Zelle app from the App Store if you are using an iOS device or from the Play Store if you are using an Android device. After you signup then you can make payments to Our Zelle accounts. Contact us via live Chat or Whatsapp if you need help?

Other questions

We give discounts and automatically apply coupons when available to get you the best price. If you have more questions Contact us via our Live Chat service, if no one replies within 60 seconds then contact us via whatsApp or send us and email.
We have a delivery service team. The team is trained in FWA and HIPAA and thoroughly screened before hire. Your meds will be securely transported in tamper-free and secure packaging so that only you can open it upon delivery.

Yes, but you’d need to contact us to give you specifics on how this works.

Well, every product has its own drying time. And its quite risky to paint during the rainy season. If in case, you go ahead with the painting and it rains heavily, not allowing enough time for the paint to dry , you might have to face problems. Hence, we recommend you to observe the weather condition and then go ahead with painting.

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